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Guest Testimonials

Guest Testimonials

Real People – Real Feedback

I really enjoyed my RedRisks Live experience.

The session format ensures great interaction with the audience and I really enjoyed it!

I found it to be more of a conversation with like-minded individuals than an interview.

The organisation in advance was great and the platform was very user friendly.

I would be really happy to participate in a future session and would recommend the show to other speakers.

Dee Arp

Chief Operating Officer, NEBOSH

Sonni and team provided a stimulating and yet relaxed format that I thoroughly enjoyed.

We cracked open the subject of psychological safety together….It was a wonderful collaboration.

What I liked most was the natural and free-flowing conversation instead of a staged and scripted event. That’s what people need and want.

We thought out loud together and addressed people’s comments and questions in real time.

My compliments to Sonni, Tim, and Nat for creating a wonderful experience.

Dr Timothy R Clark

Founder & CEO of LeaderFactor, author, consultant, researcher, LeaderFactor

Being a guest on Sonni’s shows is a fantastic experience for a number of reasons.

First is just the pure joy of interacting with Sonni himself. He puts you at ease by creating a warm, light-hearted welcome and easing the show into the topic. Sonni is nobody’s fool, his questions cut to the quick of the matter under discussion. I liken him to the Michael Parkinson of Podcast land as he creates a humorous conversational dialogue.

Second, is that you have to know your topic and feel comfortable sharing it. Sonni will have done some research himself, so that he knows when and where to apply his probing questions to steer the conversation to maximise the benefit for the audience.

Third, the interactions with the live audience really keep you on your toes as the quality of questions and audience is very high, and you can be assured of a ‘curve ball’.

Lastly, I have been lucky enough to have had a few guest appearances on Sonni’s show, and it has been very beneficial to my thinking on any given topic, as I have had to formulate my thoughts into coherent themes that can be easily understood by all.

All in all, if you have something to say and really know your stuff, I would highly recommend interacting with Sonni on RedRisks Live.

Prof. Dominic Cooper

CEO, B-Safe Management Solutions

I really enjoyed appearing as a guest speaker on the show.

From the pre-show information to the end of show plenary, it went smooth all the way, and the panel host kept the forum informal and ‘on topic’ for the audience. All speakers were given opportunities to air their views.

So why not broaden your perspective and listen to RedRisks and find ideas and points of view that you may never have considered before, in fields you may not know much about?

What’s more you don’t have to agree with anyone on the panel to learn a thing or two.

What’s important is that you leave the show with new insights and new questions.

Hat’s off to Sonni and the team for facilitating important dialogue on the big issues we all face when managing risk.

Phil Douglas

Managing Director, Oracle Safety Associates

It was a very positive experience being part of a RedRisks Live.

Sonni, Jennet and the team are generous with their time and provide a relaxing atmosphere during the event and plenty of comms prior to it.

The platform they use is stable and user friendly.

As a speaker, you are given the space to expand on your points and at no time are you broadsided with anything controversial or something you’d feel uncomfortable to talk about ‘on air’.

You also get the opportunity to ask the other colleagues on the call questions, so it seems very much like a conversation, as opposed to an interview.

Really happy to recommend the show to other speakers.

Matt Powell-Howard

Head of Learning & Partnerships, NEBOSH

It was a pleasure to do a RedRisks Live Event. Sonni is an excellent host who you can trust to get the best out of you, creating a positive tone for the conversations.

I deeply appreciated the opportunity to connect with safety and operations professionals who want to learn about how together we can improve safety performance.

Sonni managed the questions so that it felt like a safe space for all of us, and it was a valuable experience!

Diane Chadwick-Jones

Former Director of Human Performance at BP, BP

Sonni and Jennet run an excellent show – relaxed but professional. It’s testament to this how many high profile and influential thinkers are regular attendees.

S & J ensure the hour is interactive and engaging with audience questions fired over as they come in.

As a speaker you’re always given plenty of space to waffle on (sorry – I mean expand on and illustrate the points you’re making!).

Highly recommended whether you’re a speaker or a listener”.

Prof. Tim Marsh

Managing Director, Anker & Marsh

View from the Top.

My ‘view from the top’ interview with Sonni @RedRisks was an enjoyable, relaxed and a positive experience.

Sonni even laughed at my jokes. The interaction brought the whole session alive and the audience were very responsive.

It is a great media platform to send out key messages in a simple way, which I am sure the RedRisks listeners will echo.

I await to be invited again by Sonni to explore further Leadership in a VUCA world, and how our sector has a significant role to play in continuing to protect and safeguard people at work, and in their daily lives.

Dr Chris Payne

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NEBOSH

Being a guest on RedRisks is a very positive experience.

The technology is simple and trouble-free, so there is no stress from that point of view.

I participated in an hour of discussion with Sonni, Jorge and various participants from the audience.

Sonni led the conversation very effectively but did not dominate it.

I felt that I had good opportunities to explain my points and there were also several insightful comments and questions from the audience.

Overall a very professional set-up and it was a pleasure to be involved.

Prof. Ivan Robertson

Director Robertson Cooper Ltd & Professor Emeritus, University of Manchester, Robertson Cooper Ltd

Sonni’s show provides a platform for open discussions about safety.

No preaching or platitudes, he keeps the guests grounded with great questions and invites the viewers to share with or challenge the guests as well.

It’s a place for real conversations and gives safety professionals a place to share and reflect on real world challenges and solutions.

Kelvin Roth

Vice President, Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality, CF Industries

I so enjoyed being on this show.

Sonni has exceptional skills as a host and he keeps the program fast paced, engaging and informative.

I love the format with the ribbon at the bottom of the screen where you posted chat questions and comments live during the session.

I marvelled at how Sonni did that and thus engaged the audience and me the speaker.

Dr Larry Senn

Chairman, Senn Delaney Culture Shaping, Heidrick Consulting

Appeared on 3 separate shows as special guest discussing Cynefin.

The shows were structured with an Introduction followed by Essentials and then exploring Application.

I found the shows to be engaging with a combination of live chat and interaction with a group of like minded individuals who were on air discussing some of the key factors and parameters associated with Cynefin.

Thanks Sonni and the StreamTeam for the invite and keep up the good work.

Dave Snowden

Founder, Cognitive Edge

I first became aware of Sonni’s shows during the Summer months of 2020.  Largely due to the fact that it attracted some of the most interesting guests in our field but also as the shows were so easily accessible.

I was absolutely delighted to be invited as a guest on the show a few months later. It’s here where I noticed a few things that set Sonni’s show apart from the rest.

He is thorough in his preparation for each show, he takes the time to get to know each guest several weeks before they appear.  He also takes the time to properly research each guest’s specialist area which ensures a lively and informative conversation for all.

Sonni is a true Master of his craft, excellence like this doesn’t happen by chance.  Perhaps the best of all I can say about Sonni is that his warmth and compassion shines through on every show.

Talking to him is like speaking with a great friend in a cosy bar.

Get on his show if you can everyone.

Darren Sutton

Creator and Author of IOSH Certificated Behavioural Science and Performance Psychology for Safety Programs, Behavioural Safety Services & Training Ltd