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RedRisks Consultancy

Helping Organisations Create a Community in their Workplace



What do we mean by “Community” within an Organisation?

Community is a group, team, or organisation where there is high trust, diversity, inclusion,  effective communication, equality, respect for differences, and high levels of cooperation.

It’s not without conflict, but members of the community have the perseverance to see conflict through to a healthy outcome.

The larger focus of the community is on a vision of the future that can be created together and the actions needed today to get to that future.

Community Creates Belonging

Why Create Community in the Workplace?

Imagine an Organisation wherein the team operate like a dedicated community.

Imagine an Organisation in which everyone feels like they “belong”.

  • Would you like to work in such an Organisation?
  • Would you feel like a part of the family and not just an employee?
  • Would you feel safe?

We believe that everyone wants to belong to something important, be part of positive changes, be part of something meaninful and successful.

We want to know that our efforts can be multiplied and made into something bigger and better than we could create on our own.

And the Benefits…

There are many positive aspects when you think about an Organisation as a “home from from home” environment.

If we consider Risk or Safety Management within Organisations, the workforce must feel that they can speak out without fear of retaliation.

It is this “Psychological Safety” at Work (i.e., Ref: Amy Edmondson [1999] defines psychological safety as “a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking”) that will create the environment for outstanding “best in class” safety performance.

It’s not Rocket Science – It’s Human Science